heighth (plural heighths)

  1. (obsolete) Height.
    • 1690: Nicholas Barbon, A Discourse of Trade [1]
      In the Infancy of the World, Governments began with little Families and Colonies of Men; so that, when ever any Government arrived to greater Heighth than the rest, either by the great Wisdom or Courage of the Government, they afterwards grew a pace...
    • 1700: Colley Cibber, Richard III [2]
      "Why then to me this restless World"s but Hell,
      Till this mishapen trunks aspiring head
      "Be circled in a glorious Diadem --
      But then "tis fixt on such an heighth, O!...
    • 1809: James Grey Jackson, An Account of the Empire of Marocco (London 1809, p. 169)
      The heighth of the celestial happiness is to see God (...).
    • 1826: James Fenimore Cooper, The Last of the Mohicans [3]
      That! that, is the print of a foot, but "tis the dark hair"s; and small it is, too, for one of such a noble "heighth and grand appearance!

7 letters in word "heighth": E G H H H I T.

No anagrams for heighth found in this word list.

Words found within heighth:

eh eight eighth et eth geit get ghi gi gie git gite he heh heigh height het heth hi hie high hight highth hit hithe it te teg the thig thigh ti tie tig tige